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Amazing influencers & powerful branding team to drive impact beyond imagination!

Publishing Influencer content

In this case, a brand will actually host an influence on their media outlet of choice. For example, a shoe company may invite a fashion blogger to do a series of posts on their Instagram account. This helps companies attract and expose new, relevant audiences to their products.

Finding A Brand Ambassador

Working with a brand ambassador means working with one well-known influencer over the long term. He or she will need to agree to incorporate your brand messaging and products into their post for a set period of time, say 6 months or a year. The advantages here are clear where in brands can attract a steady stream of high-value, high-intent customers instead of the short-lived results experienced during one-off campaigns.

Setting up contests

Another way to structure an influencer partnership is by running a raffle, contest, or sweepstakes. This type of partnership may offer the influencer a free sample of the product being sold as well as a free sample to the first 5 followers to upload a creative post with the item.

Sponsored content

This is the closest thing to a classic magazine ad or website banner. These posts almost always have: The words ‘sponsored’ or ‘communicated’ printed somewhere Include a blatant influencer interaction with the product being promoted (drinking from a water bottle, running with a smartwatch Have a clear Call To Action (CTA) usually taking the consumer to a product page natively or externally

Right Influencer for Right Results

We have a decade full of global experience in creation, distribution and monetisation of content. We have started creating content even before the term 'influencer marketing' was even framed!

Strong Team​

To conquer the digital space, you need an army of talent at your disposal. We are a multi-faceted team of digital marketers, content creators, design mavericks, video editors, and operational ninjas.



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Our experts at Kinal Media are perfectionists at creating remarkable campaigns that scale your brand with impactful influencer led campaigns. Rich industry experience our influencers make them the perfect Captains to your ships. We have been fortunate to be working with numerous creators who understand our vision and a team that stands as our pillars of strength shouldering the organisation.

Enable your Business growth with Influencer Marketing Campaigns

As one of the leading video production companies we take care of the branding requirements and campaign launches of our clients in an innovative way. Our Influencer marketing team has the experience to produce rich video content for businesses of every size be it a Start Up, MSME or a Well-Established brand.

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Business Analysis:

The first step of the Influencer Marketing team at Kinal is to analyse the business of our client. Every business type is unique and so are their Influencer requirements. Applying the right VIDEO SCRIPT to suit the strategies as per the product can do wonders for any business.

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Business Strategy:

We at Kinal boast ourselves as the best in the country in Business Strategy Planning. We determine the direction in which our client wants to take their business by setting out their overall goals for business. In nutshell, the purpose of the business plan is to provide the detailed roadmap that will take brands in their desired direction.

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Video Script Planning & Production:

Script planning and direction plays a vital role in any Video Production for a brand. Based on the business product and target audience we work towards analyzing the competitive market trends. We then work on the video script that can engage the audience with the help of influencers, in order to focus on delivering the message for engaging the end customer.

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Analytics & Video Optimization for ROI

We at Kinal work on digital analytics to measure and optimize the behaviour of end video viewers. We compare the audience behaviour related to the viewing rate, number of times the video is viewed and the time spent on videos. We also integrate landing pages to analyze the performance of video marketing trends.

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Maintenance cycle

Upon completing the Video Production and delivering the work of showcasing the requirement, we follow a maintenance methodology to maintain the influencer videos based on the business targets and requirements.

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Platforms used for Influencer Videos

We at Kinal work on high end cameras and advance video production technologies. We have the necessary infrastructure for carrying out various aspects of Video Making such as dubbing, playback, editing, cinematography, script conceptualization, screenplay to give a perfect output as a professional digital marketing company

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Enable your Business growth with Social Media Optimization

We at Kinal offer a wide range of social media services globally to help businesses grow their online presence. Services include content creation and distribution, as well monitoring social media analytics for success in an online presence. We help our clients promote their brands, products, and services on different social platforms to build their presence and market themselves digitally.

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Video Platforms Used for Influencer Marketing


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