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We are always in look out for talented minds who work with innovative ideas

Working With Kinal helps you actualize your full potential, accountability and commitment towards growth in digital mARKETING CAREER

Our vision is to retain the most talented digital marketers in the world and build the most effective campaigns for small businesses. In order to accomplish this, we look for motivated and outgoing team players to add to our family of Digital Marketers.

Openings at Kinal Media

Social Media Manager


Client Service Executive


Graphic Designer


PPC Expert


Business Development Manager

New Delhi

Creative Director


About Kinal

When you work with Kinal Media, you have the space and the flexibility to be curious and explore. We help clients worldwide actualize their business marketing goals, but we always stay true to our people in the process.

Our team members are doers and innovators, experts and creators who get the support, tools, and flexibility they deserve to thrive in a highly-competitive market.

Join our movers and shakers at Single Grain to transform the landscape of the digital marketing scene.

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Our culture

While clients are always at an important stage for us, we at Kinal don’t miss a chance to have some fun ourselves. Life at Kinal Media is more than the work you do. It is the difference that you bring to enrich the community, the impact that you make in the lives of your co-workers and friends, and the aspirations that you achieve. Hear from our people about what they value the most at Kinal.

Our Recruitment Process

Telephonic Interview

Our recruitment handlers interview the candidate over the telephone as per the application and take all required information regarding present job, technical capabilities, experience, place of stay, languages known and many other required details for scheduling a next round of interview.

Physical Introduction

Physical introduction of the candidate is taken by a senior recruiter at our office location or on a video call, to understand further about the personality of the applicant and his capability of working towards the applied position. This round will also consider all previous project experiences of the applicant.

Analytical & General Assessment

Analytical and general assessment of the applicant is done in this round to analyse the understanding capabilities and English language assessment. In digital marketing space understanding the client requirement and communicating in English is a must to work on any platform.

Technical Interview

A senior technical expert related to the service vertical is allocated to take an interview of the applicant in this round. Based on the digital marketing expertise and knowledge the applicant needs to be well prepared to fit in the requirements at Kinal.

HR Discussion & Offer

Based on the technical screening done, the applicant is directed to the HR Manager for a final discussion on the joining interests & remuneration offer at Kinal Media for the position selected. The applicant will be asked to either confirm immediately or confirm through an email within 48 hours of the offer given.

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