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Successful Business needs to have a fully managed Search Engine Marketing Campaign!

Dedicated Account Manager

At Kinal Media, we provide our customers with a dedicated account manager who will collaborate with them to design a campaign that is tailored to their specific business requirements. Our Account Managers assist in targeting the correct audience and selecting the appropriate keywords. All of this is done to ensure that advertisements reach the right people and result in higher conversion rates.

Proven Work Methodology

Our SEM specialists use a strategy that is tried-and-tested, vertical specific which has a successful track record. SEM campaigns at Kinal Media are created and carried out by a team of experts that guarantee our clients on the reach of target audience and produce the desired results.

Work Closely With Google

We at Kinal are proud to offer SEM services that comply with Google’s guidelines. We also work closely with Google support to ensure that our clients’ campaigns run smoothly.

Affordable Pricing & NO LONG

Working with Kinal Media gives you total freedom to decide what’s best for your company. We don’t require a long-term commitment for our SEM services, which are provided monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually as per the requirement of the client. Kinal Media’s SEM services are always reasonably priced. If you want to enhance your company’s online presence and revenue, our SEM services are the best to do it.

Diversified Vertical

Kinal Media is the best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Company in India which provides services for any business that is trying to increase the effectiveness of its paid advertising campaigns. We have varied industry specialties who understand about the campaign methodology in order to assist our clients in achieving their corporate objectives!

Certified Google And Microsoft
Advertising Team​

Kinal Media’s team comprises of certified Google and Microsoft Advertising members, as trusted and reliable providers of digital marketing services. Our team of certified experts are committed to assisting our clients in achieving their marketing objectives. Look no further than Kinal Media if you need a reliable digital marketing partner.



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Fully Managed Search Engine Marketing Campaign

We at Kinal Media understand that managing a successful SEM campaign is a full-time responsibility, for which we offer fully managed packages for our clients globally. Our team of SEM experts work with our clients to create a customized campaign that can generate high-quality leads.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Enable your Business growth with Search Engine Marketing

Regardless of business size, be it small medium or a large scale entity, we at Kinal Media has a SEM package that is perfect for you. Our team of experienced experts work with our clients closely to create a campaign that is tailored to their unique needs and goals. We also provide ongoing management and optimization of an existing campaign to ensure that our clients maximizing their returns on their SEM investments.

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Business Analysis:

The first step of the SEM process at Kinal is to analyse the business of our client. Every business type is unique and so are their marketing requirements. Applying the right SEM technique to suit the strategies as per the product can do wonders for any business.

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Business Strategy:

We at Kinal boast ourselves as the best in the country in Business Strategy Planning. We determine the direction in which our client wants to take their business by setting out their overall goals for business. In nutshell, the purpose of the business plan is to provide the detailed roadmap that will take brands in their desired direction.

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Account Setup

SEM campaigns have the potential to be very successful, but only if they are properly set up and administered. At Kinal Media, SEM campaigns are swiftly and effectively set up by our team of seasoned SEM specialists, allowing our clients to begin seeing results immediately.

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KeyWord Planning & Mapping:

Keyword planning plays a vital role in optimizing the site onto a search platform. Based on the business product and target audience we plan key words for the client by analyzing the competitive market trends. We then work on Keyword mapping which is the process of pairing the target keywords to the business goal, further directing it to landing pages.

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Draft Ad Content

Create keyword-rich ad content with a compelling CTA which directs visitors to a landing page that can provides the information they seek. Creative after being approved by the client gets released for the Ad

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Conversion Tracking

Before we turn on any advertising, we ensure conversion tracking codes are in place. With the analytics tools, it’s easy to assess the effectiveness of any SEM campaign to access on how the Ad is performing and to know how many conversions are taking shape as per the expectations of the client!

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Campaign Management

We Keep a complete track on the campaign’s progress and make adjustments as needed to manage and ensure a good ROI on the Search Engine ads. Our dedicated Ad Managers work on the adjustments of the campaign by analysing the conversions, to frame a remarketing strategy for an optimised ROI.

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Measurement & Optimization of Results

We at Kinal work on Google Analytics to measure and optimize the site behaviour on the different search platforms. We compare the audience behaviour related to the keywords used to search business and its products. We also integrate websites with the Search Console platform to analyze the traffic along with the site speed and performance of key words.

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