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Successful P&E Game needs a partner to measure its Success and aFastest way for Growth.!

Qualified Team

Web 3 experts at Kinal have hands-on experience and knowledge about what works for your blockchain business - right from the star until all growth stages!.


With an in-depth experience in the crypto world, we have helped projects of all sizes grow and succeed. Whether it is a large NFT project or small start-up game launch - our Web 3 team helps gaming projects by marketing online to get ahead.

Technical Competency

The team is always up-to-date with the latest changes in gaming technology and works closely alongside them, which means our customers stay one step ahead of their competitors in the gaming industry.

Dedicated Crypto Account Manager

We at Kinal have a team of the best professionals who work exclusively on customer projects full time. Our dedicated Crypto Account Managers are appointed to have a one to one regular contact for all updates with the client’s requirements.


Our specialists use a strategy that is tried-and-tested for the NFT business, vertical specific which has a successful track record. Digital campaigns at Kinal Media are created and carried out by a team of experts that guarantee our clients reach the target audience and produce the desired results.

Regular Reporting

Our customers are given access to easily track everything right from a single dashboard, which in turn helps them in measuring the efficiency of optimization efforts.



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Kinal Media is the best NFT MARKETING COMPANY which works towards a promising ROI for its clients. With the increase of complex communication outlets in an era of Web 3.0 advertising, it’s more important than ever to get Crypto Marketing Services in the right manner.

Community Management & Moderation
Enable your NFT Sales Growth with Kinal’s NFT Marketing Services

We at Kinal help NFT projects grow organically with the help of community management services to bring your project and NFT’s into visibility of the real NFT buyers and NFT investment circle.

Community management is an organic method of targeting buyers in groups to build NFT projects and help them in improving the quality and quantity of buyer’s traffic driven from different regions.

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Community Engagement

The major step of the NFT sales process at Kinal begins with Community engagement to build the interaction of buyers with the project. Every NFT is unique and so are their buyer’s requirements. Applying the right technique to suit the strategies as per the NFT project can do wonders for any business.

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Content Planning & Creation

Content planning plays a vital role in optimizing the NFT project onto any platform. Based on the NFT project and target audience we plan key words for the client by analyzing the competitive market trends. We then work on Keyword mapping which is the process of pairing the target keywords to the NFT selling goal, further directing it to landing pages such as Whitelisting Page, NFT listing Websites, NFT Mint Pages and NFT Market Place URLs .

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Social Media Management:

Social media management plays a vital role for any NFT project to market and communicate with its target audience. We at Kinal determine the direction in which our client wants to take their NFT project by setting out their overall goals for sales. Organic promotion, paid promotion, influencer promotion are some of the techniques followed in social media management at Kinal.

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Discord Server Setup

Discord is an essential platform to communicate and market NFT projects with different communities and groups. The server set up involves various levels of security settings, group creations, role based permissions, invitation management, collab creation and management are the major tasks that we look into in the Discord Server Setup

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Collabservices are made to attract NFT buyers from other ongoing NFT projects who are deeply invloved in NFT trading. Kinal Media is the best Collab Services company for NFT projects, in helping projects to get collaborated with other trending NFT projects and involving them to push our sales. We at Kinal follow the trending methods of creating collab space for messaging and promoting our NFT project in the collab space created. We also appoint respective collabmanagers to magae these services & optimize the content on these spaces for a target of maximum sales outcome.

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PR Services

Press release of the project at different stages is a proven method to get the project into limelight of the prospective buyers. Kinal Media is the best Crypto PR services company where the relation with distribution networks is given the highest priority. We at Kinal concentrate on publishing PR articles in Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, BenAre you looking at making your Crypto Brand Viral ? We help popular crypto brands to reach their Target Audiencezinga, Marketwatch, AP News and many more high ranking websites for a better reach to the NFT buyers of different countries spread across the globe.

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Influencer Management
Enable your Business growth with Social Media Optimization

Kinal media is the best Crypto Marketing Company for NFT Influencer management services. Crypto & NFT influencers who are high in demand are networked to tie up and endorse the project to forma reputational sell out strategy. We concentrate on the influencers at various levels of the NFT projects such as project launch, whitelisting stage, Mint Day clubbed with Alpha calls influencers who play a vital role in making a NFT project successful for a complete sell out.

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